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Friday, October 31, 2014

Beauty Centre

Hello guys !

I wanted to create a package called Part 2 where I would have gathered all the new lots that I would have built for Mayumachi... but since I've been very busy lately (with a full-time placement job), I just had the time to build one place. So I thought that it would be dumb to wait until I have the time/inspiration to build something else just so I can create a Part 2.

Here is the spa/beauty salon lot. There are three shops here: the Princess' Boudoir (a girly clothes shop), the Odayakana House (the spa/inn) a perfect place for lovers to relax, and Black Ink, the tattoo salon.

Note that I don't speak one word of japanese and that the signs on the shops are probably irrelevant. It's mere decoration. If any of you guys understand japanese, I'd be curious to know what those signs mean :) 

WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime and Seasons are required.
The file size is 49 Mo.
The lot size is 20X15.

Happy simming !