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Monday, May 25, 2015

Liddell Residence - Remastered

I made another version of the Liddell Residence. The outside didn't change much except that the garden is now smaller: the terrain size is 20X20. The inside of the house is more normal looking. You'll find the original version here.

You'll also notice that this version is much lighter: only 30,6 Mo !
Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural and Seasons are required.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Bird Cage and 2, Gakusha Street

OMG guys I'm so sorry, I haven't uploaded anything in ages ! And I have the lamest
of excuses: I lost my Mediafire account by deleting all my cookies and passwords with CCleaner --". So this evening, since I got some time, I tried all the passwords and emails that I could remember and suddenly the miracle happened !

So here are the two small houses that I wasn't able to upload for the past 3 months.

This one is The Bird Cage. Nothing fancy, it costs §15,777 on a 10X10 terrain.
Ambition and Supernatural are required.
The Bird Cage
File size: 4,97 Mo.

The second one is the 2, Gakusha Street. It was built in front of the highschool in the Mayumachi world. I couldn't get proper japanese shutters so I used the wall sculpture from the Bahaus collection and applied a wood texture to it.It goes on a 10X15 terrain. WA, Ambition and Generations are required.
 2, Gakusha Street
File size: 4,54 Mo.

Well by now I guess that you're used to the fact that I my blog is rarely active. 
I'll be honest, I don't know if I'll keep on uploading houses. Not that I don't want to, but I am very busy these days, plus my laptop is running low on memory and by the time I get a new computer people would have already moved on to the Sims 5! Maybe I'll post something every 6 months if I get a peak of inspiration, but you shouldn't expect much more from me :/

May the will of simming still be within you !

Friday, February 6, 2015

Lucky Cat Café

Hi guys, and happy new year !

When I watched Big Hero 6 and saw the clever way they mixed victorian and japanese architectures, I knew that I had to make this café !

This house is probably the hardest I made so far, especially because the stairs and the pagoda roofs are such a nightmare to deal with !
So obviously, the house is not 100% accurate. Mainly because it's supposed to be bigger (it's one bow-window longer in the film), but I made it smaller so that Hiro's and Tadashi's bedroom would keep it's right proportions. You'll also note that I didn't add the windows near Hiro's desk because it would have looked too messy with the roof.
I'm also not entirely happy with the distorted walls near the stairs because I had to apply plain textures to hide the distortion.
Why didn't they keep the platform from the Sims 2, why ???

Anyway I hope you'll enjoy.
For those who play with my Mayumachi world, I put this lot in 1, Ocha street.

WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Supernatural and Seasons are required.
The lot is residential, 20X15.
The file size is 40,3 Mo.

Happy simming !

Friday, October 31, 2014

Beauty Centre

Hello guys !

I wanted to create a package called Part 2 where I would have gathered all the new lots that I would have built for Mayumachi... but since I've been very busy lately (with a full-time placement job), I just had the time to build one place. So I thought that it would be dumb to wait until I have the time/inspiration to build something else just so I can create a Part 2.

Here is the spa/beauty salon lot. There are three shops here: the Princess' Boudoir (a girly clothes shop), the Odayakana House (the spa/inn) a perfect place for lovers to relax, and Black Ink, the tattoo salon.

Note that I don't speak one word of japanese and that the signs on the shops are probably irrelevant. It's mere decoration. If any of you guys understand japanese, I'd be curious to know what those signs mean :) 

WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime and Seasons are required.
The file size is 49 Mo.
The lot size is 20X15.

Happy simming !

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Arezzo Cabinet Hunt

Okay guys, I have one bad and one good news. The bad news is that from the Lilo and Stitch's house to the Mayumachi world my uploads were infected by the Arezzo cabinet file. The files that I've uploaded before are fine. For those who don't know, this file is glitched since it attaches itself to every file that you upload (even the Sims). I don't know if this file causes problems to the game, but it's still anoying to get a content that you don't want. 
I've never heard of that file before HaruWU warned me about it... and I didn't now about Custard either. I'm such a NOOB, I didn't KNOW, I'm SO SORRY !!! *runs away crying and slams the door shut*


Ahem. The good news is that I have now updated the files and they are now free of the cabinet.
For those who have already installed an infected file, here is a tutorial who teaches you how to remove it: and

In my case, I had already uninstalled the cabinet so it didn't show up in my game. However, I had forgotten to delete its package file in the DCBackup folder, so the cabinet still stuck to my uploads. Here is the package name:


Copy and paste the name in the seach bar of the DCBackup folder and then delete the file.

Custard now. This is a very useful program (thanks again HaruWU!) that shows you all the CC that comes with a sim3pack file. You can download it here:
Don't worry if the Custard shows the Mayumachi world as corrupted, apparently it does that for many worlds. 
One odd thing about this program is that it doesn't seem to like the sim3pack files with an "&" symbol in their names. When I removed the cabinet from a file such as the "Lilo & Stitch's house" and then saved it, it was impossible to reopen this file with Custard. I had to rename those files in the game and reexport them (the file is now called "Lilo and Stitch's house").

I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. I'll be more careful now with my CC.
Also know that your comments are very precious to me. If HaruWu hadn't warned me, I would have continued to spread this infected CC without even knowing it. So if you ever notice a problem in my uploads, don't be shy and warn me:
- in the comments if it's a recent upload (I rarely check comments from the old posts)
- by sending me a note / feedback in my deviantart account.

Alright, thanks for your support, and don't forget:

Enjoy the Sims.
Enjoy it protected.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Mayumachi: A Japanese World

EDIT: Those files have been updated and are now free of the Arezzo cabinet.

Hey, long time no see ! Do you remember when I told you that I'd want to make a japanese-themed world for the Sims 3 ? Well tadaa !

This is Mayumachi, which means Cocoon-Town (if it doesn't, blame Google Translate). It is a small town surrounded by woody mountains.
There are a few problems though:
1°) You will see the edges of the world when in the map view
2°) I don't speak japanese at all, but in the buildings I've made I've used japanese boards for decoration. It is highly possible that the signs used are totally irrelevant to the building. It is also possible that offensive stuff are written on them. I don't know but if they bother you feel free to remove them.
3°) Every time that I tried to implement the lots in the world via Edit in Game in CAW, the game crashed. Therefore, if you want to use my buildings, you'll have to download and install them separately. Sorry. 
I haven't built all the lots yet and I don't know if I'll do everything. Here are the lots that I've managed to make so far:

Seikatsu Temple (Chinese Garden):

Train Station (with the underground rabbit hole)

Grocery Store (with rabbit hole)

"Trinckets & Co" (Consignment Store)

"Sweet Cloud" laundromat

"Mystic Haze" Elixir shop

The Old Factory (Criminal warehouse with rabbit hole)

The Fire Station

The Police Station (with rabbit hole)

Sakura Highschool (with rabbit hole):

The Temple Tower

Appartment building n°1

Another house

I would like to thank a few creators that were very helpful to the making of this world and of many of my houses.
Thanks to:

Sandy from Around the Sims 3
Baufive and Exotic Elements for their ethnic stuff
Mutske and Sugichaco for the japanese doors and windows (definitely a must have)
Noir and Dark Sims and Mercury Sims for the japanese boards
Cazarupt for the rabbit holes
Martine and HystericalParoxism for the world textures
Sweetmint for the doors and windows I used in the appartment building
Ritsuka for the japanese gate conversion

WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural and Seasons are required.


As requested, here is the Mayumachi world without any CC. However, since the train tracks are CC, you won't have them.

Mayumachi No CC:

And here is a version with just the train tracks as CC:

Mayumachi Lots Part 1:

I will be very busy this year so I don't think that I'll have the time to play The Sims 3. One thing you can be sure is that I won't play the Sims 4 (not interested, satisfied with the Sims 3).

If you notice any bugs in this world, please write a comment.

Happy simming !