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Monday, September 1, 2014

Mayumachi: A Japanese World

EDIT: Those files have been updated and are now free of the Arezzo cabinet.

Hey, long time no see ! Do you remember when I told you that I'd want to make a japanese-themed world for the Sims 3 ? Well tadaa !

This is Mayumachi, which means Cocoon-Town (if it doesn't, blame Google Translate). It is a small town surrounded by woody mountains.
There are a few problems though:
1°) You will see the edges of the world when in the map view
2°) I don't speak japanese at all, but in the buildings I've made I've used japanese boards for decoration. It is highly possible that the signs used are totally irrelevant to the building. It is also possible that offensive stuff are written on them. I don't know but if they bother you feel free to remove them.
3°) Every time that I tried to implement the lots in the world via Edit in Game in CAW, the game crashed. Therefore, if you want to use my buildings, you'll have to download and install them separately. Sorry. 
I haven't built all the lots yet and I don't know if I'll do everything. Here are the lots that I've managed to make so far:

Seikatsu Temple (Chinese Garden):

Train Station (with the underground rabbit hole)

Grocery Store (with rabbit hole)

"Trinckets & Co" (Consignment Store)

"Sweet Cloud" laundromat

"Mystic Haze" Elixir shop

The Old Factory (Criminal warehouse with rabbit hole)

The Fire Station

The Police Station (with rabbit hole)

Sakura Highschool (with rabbit hole):

The Temple Tower

Appartment building n°1

Another house

I would like to thank a few creators that were very helpful to the making of this world and of many of my houses.
Thanks to:

Sandy from Around the Sims 3
Baufive and Exotic Elements for their ethnic stuff
Mutske and Sugichaco for the japanese doors and windows (definitely a must have)
Noir and Dark Sims and Mercury Sims for the japanese boards
Cazarupt for the rabbit holes
Martine and HystericalParoxism for the world textures
Sweetmint for the doors and windows I used in the appartment building
Ritsuka for the japanese gate conversion

WA, Ambitions, Late Night, Generations, Pets, Showtime, Supernatural and Seasons are required.


As requested, here is the Mayumachi world without any CC. However, since the train tracks are CC, you won't have them.

Mayumachi No CC:

And here is a version with just the train tracks as CC:

Mayumachi Lots Part 1:

I will be very busy this year so I don't think that I'll have the time to play The Sims 3. One thing you can be sure is that I won't play the Sims 4 (not interested, satisfied with the Sims 3).

If you notice any bugs in this world, please write a comment.

Happy simming !


  1. Hi!

    Thanks for this beautiful world but sadly its corrupted and had that Azzero Counter D: when I ran Custard against it.

    1. Thanks for informing me, I've never heard of that problem before. I will clean my game and try to reupload my world and its lots this week. Crap, that certainly means that all the lots that I've uploaded so far are corrupted too D: !!!

  2. When you reupload can you make sure the world file is CC free? As it stands, beside that Azzero Counter, there are several items. I would be nice to install CC separately.

    1. Well, the problem is that if I upload the world without any CC I'll have to remove the train tracks and that will be a pain to put them back in the Edit Town mode. If you want I can upload both versions of the world.

    2. Oh thanks. I thought train track is part of the base game (or WA). Anyway, I love the train track but there is no other way to get it back in?

    3. I got the train tracks by installing a world from the store, but I don't remember which one. I'm currently uploading a world with only the train tracks as CC. The other CC that are used in the full version of the world are two road signs: 0x142f93757c7644ea8eb6ac245578a4f0.package and 0x6ef54b3349d34ac59ec0ff3f63876351.package

  3. This is beautiful, I always wanted a world inspired by the Japanese countryside (thanks to the animation "My neighbour Totoro") This is just perfect! Great job & thanks for sharing!

  4. omg what a cute world! It's so wonderful!! I love it (≧◡≦)
    Thank you so much, I'm looking forward to it <3

  5. Hello! :3 just wondering if you could tell us where all the lots should be placed as it will help those who don't want to place it randomly anywhere.

    1. Hello ! The temple and the temple tower and on the hill/mountain.
      The town hall (that I haven't built yet) is facing the town train
      station. The fire station and the police department are on each
      side of the city hall. The highschool and the gym are next to
      each other on the 40X40 and 40X20 terrains. The criminal hideout
      is at the end of Yami alley. The elixir shop is on this alley
      too. The beauty center is at the 3, Sakura boulevard. For the
      rest, it's up to you ! Personally, I put my dojo "the way of the
      Llama" on the 20X20 terrain in the middle of the small
      neighborood that is in front of the highschool. I hope that helps

  6. Magnifique! Bon je réinstalle tous les sims3 et je peux tester Mayumachi \o/
    Cela faisait longtemps que je cherchais une campagne japonaise digne de nombreux Ghibli, j'ai hâte :3 .. Dis, je sais que tu es occupé et que tes réalisations te prennent du temps mais est-ce que ça t’intéresserai de reproduire cet appartement? Il est un peu trop "urbain" pour Mayumachi mais je pense que tu es la seule capable de reproduire ces textures japonaises comme il le faut, merci quand même!

  7. OH MY GOD!!! *O*

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  9. Wow ... just wow... *o* Love this world so much! I've been looking for a town like this for a long time. Thank you! You're really talented :3

  10. pleeeeease post the remaining lots, you did a great job , but my town just feels empty without the other important buildings :( i beg you! thank you so much

  11. Hello!!!!
    And happy holidays!Im currently editing your world!And its beautiful also your lots and evrything!You are so talented,thank you so much for your effort.But i have problems placing some lots and i was wondering if u can share your CAW files.Im not trying to steal your work or anything!Its for personal use only!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Please upload the other lots, my town is so empty without them

  14. I too would also like the CAW file for this lovely world. I want to edit the size of some of the spaces so I have more room to put my own lots. I love the overall layout and the cute train and countryside! Thank you!

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  16. Please, dont stop! Its most beautiful town ever! Please finish him... Its my dream <3

  17. Hello!
    Your city is great! I love it! Please, continue with this project, I'm veru exciting for played. Is very beautiful! I wating for more lots, a second part kkk. Thank you very much for this World!

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  19. Hi! I've just downloaded your world and was wondering, Will it work without expansion packs? I only have the base game with CC and mods so im not sure wether it'll work or not. I havent played the world no edited it yet so this is why i am asking. Please respond as soon as possible, thanks!

  20. Hello, I'm a big fan of your map. I have been making lots for it these past couple of days. I was wondering if by any chance, you would pick up on this project sometime in the future. (I know its been nearly five years so I better not get my hopes up.)

    One thing I've noticed though is an alarming number of unroutable sims in my play through, have you come across this issue?

  21. I really like the world and buildings! But can you please at least make the elementary school? That's all I ask for.

  22. Please can you upload CAW file? I would love to add some distant terrain and more space for more lots x

  23. Could it not be possible to make the world fully organized? I'm going to be confused and maybe it will not go the way it should if I even try to organize.

  24. Are there any more lots for this world? Or has it been abandoned?

  25. Hi, I suppose that you maybe do not play to Sims 3 anymore, but I wanted to tell you that your Japanese's world is really wonderfull. All the details you've made, on the map as well as on each building, is a really long and patient work, and the result is really, really nice !
    On my side, I'm very found of Taiwan, and with your world, I could manage to create a little part of Taipei's Town and I've find back the pleasure to play sims 3 again, that are, even with the crash, texture's issues etc... far more interesting, from IA, gameplay, and creativity possibilitie's, than the Sims 4. So thank's again, for given us a such peaceful and pretty world.
    Have a nice day.