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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Maison de Poche

In the Sims 3, I usually play in small/medium worlds because my laptop cannot cope with big ones (the game crashes, only 15 fps, etc...). Sometimes I don't have enough space to put new inhabitants in the world. 
I built this maison de poche (Pocket House), which the terrain size is only 10X10 and that costs §16 490, to be able to place it almost everywhere (on a beach, in the middle of a forest...)

sims 3 maison poche pocket small house

Terrain size: 10X10.
File size: 3,25 Mo
Add-ons required: WA, Generations (maybe Pets for the roof colour, I'm not sure)
I am trying to build something bigger and more exciting for my next upload.