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Friday, June 14, 2013

Jazz Club "Red"

EDIT: Please remove the half-wall on the first floor, otherwise the Sims won't be able to go back downstairs. Sorry for the inconvenience, I noticed it after the upload. 

Here is a cozy little bar where you can enjoy your evenings.

This is set as "Dive bar".
The terrain size is 20X15.
The file size is 8.17 Mo.
WA, Late Night, Generation, maybe Pets (only for the tree) and Showtime are required.

Have fun !

By the way, I found a way to fix my error 16 problem. Once in a while I have to delete all the families that have appeared in my town. The world seems deserted but at least now I can save my game.


  1. This will be perfect for Dragon Valley! O any other of my towns, for that matter - awesome bar, thank you!